Justin Oser

I love #StarTrek! Co-host of #TNG podcast #EarlGrey on @trekfm. Watching Trek, reading Trek books, and dreaming of a Trek future every single day

$8 will grant you the rank of Trek Book Club Lieutenant Commander, get you a massive thanks from @TrekBookClub and @TrekkieRob on twitter during each Trek Book Club session, get you listed on the Trek Book Club website as a patron and a Trek Book Club Lieutenant Commander and also gets you the opportunity to choose 1 Star Trek Book to put to a public vote every other month (6 months per year) for the vote to choose which book we will read every other month (total of 4 books will go in every other month's vote) on top of the usual rewards listed below.

  • Early access to episodes of the Trek Book Club podcast before anyone else via our patreon website

  • Additional content - extended editions of the Trek Book Club podcast only available to Trek Book Club patrons

  • Advance notice of Trek Book Club book selections each month

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  • The opportunity to post questions from the Trek Book Club twitter account

  • The chance to appear as a guest on the Trek Book Club podcast

Barbara D

Horses. Star Trek. The Expanse. Coffee. Reading. Knitting. Artwork. 

Aly. Make your fandom your own. Host of #toweltalktuesday,

@whoistrek from the @TrekGeeks

network, and #Newbies: A Watchparty Webseries. She/her. Trek on!

Ramblings from a Star Trek, Firefly, Dr Who fan, who has an interest in Economics. Socialist by Nature.

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