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Jen Howse

I row, watch Star Trek and throw things

$15 will grant you the rank of Trek Book Club Captain, gets you a massive thanks from @TrekBookClub and @TrekkieRob on twitter during each Trek Book Club session, gets you listed on the Trek Book Club website as a patron and a Trek Book Club Captain and also gets you the opportunity to to join in a monthly video chat (via zoom) with all the other Trek Book Club captains + @TrekkieRob for a discussion about that months book that was read for Trek Book Club on top of the usual rewards listed below.

  • Early access to episodes of the Trek Book Club podcast before anyone else via our patreon website

  • Additional content - extended editions of the Trek Book Club podcast only available to Trek Book Club patrons

  • Advance notice of Trek Book Club book selections each month

  • Exclusive patron only merchandise - e.g. badges, pins, magnets, stickets, t-shirts, hoodies etc

  • The opportunity to post questions from the Trek Book Club twitter account

  • The chance to appear as a guest on the Trek Book Club podcast

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Ian Howse

NMHAC coach and athlete. Mostly chuck stuff but enjoy science fiction to relax. LLAP. I prefer this handle to my other one @officialhowsei

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Luke Brady

Author, Teacher, Musician, Geek, Trekkie, Reader, Podcaster, Opinionated-Swine!

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Cody Lindsey

Cat dad, book nerd, future author; Jessica Fletcher and Thelma Harper are my spirit animals  I am a legend in my own mind 

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Albert Hogan

#blacklivesmatter. Irish beardy bloke. Director, Audience & Digital Dev 
. Views my own. Raised hand with part between middle and ring fingersRainbow he/him

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Gavin Lowe

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your INFORMED opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant. Harlan Ellison

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NICU nurse, mum, wife and Trek geek .

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