I’ve been a huge Star Trek fan since the age of about 12 and I watch the tv shows, movies and various Star Trek podcasts and youtubers regularly. More recently I’ve been looking for more Star Trek and ways to express my love of it.


I realised that there is one area of Star Trek that I haven’t really explored and that is…Star Trek books and novels! There are a huge range of Star Trek books and stories out there and I’m very eager to explore them. With this in mind, I came up with the idea of creating...Trek Book Club!


What is Trek Book Club?

The idea of Trek Book Club is to create a space for people to come together, to read Star Trek books and to discuss them together. All are welcome, whether new Star Trek fans, people that have never read any Star Trek books before or veteran fans that have read all of the books already.


How does Trek Book Club work?

A book will be selected (sometimes by me, sometimes by patreon supporters and sometimes through a public vote). We will have a month to read the book that has been selected and then at the last weekend of the month we will meet on twitter to discuss it. We can discuss anything about the book, ranging from whether you enjoyed the book and why to specific questions about events, characters and ships.


Follow @TrekBookClub and the hashtag #TrekBookClub to find out which book we will be reading each month and to post discussion questions and to discuss the book in general. A new book will be selected at the beginning of each month and on the last weekend of that month we will discuss it (so make sure you’ve finished by the last Saturday of the month to avoid seeing any spoilers, as this will be when people start talking about the book on twitter). Don’t post anything on twitter before the last Saturday of the month as some people may not have finished reading and you could be spoiling it for them.


This is a new idea and venture so it might take a while to get things to the point of (Borg) perfection. Please bear with me! Also, if you have any ideas for improvement or any constructive feedback – then let me know. If you have any questions – feel free to get in touch! 

Rob Chapman

Founder and creator of Trek Book Club

Co-host of the Trek Book Club podcast


Rob is a massive trekkie and an all round nerd/geek. By day he works as a university research administrator. He lives in Kent in the UK and his interests and hobbies include film, tv, reading, board games, spending time with friends and family and of course...Star Trek!

Rick Everson

Co-host of the Trek Book Club podcast

Daddy, Husband, Writer, Aspiring Teacher, Geek. Podcasts on @10backward Tends to be silly

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